Solution Design Document – LUYODEFO

The following document is the result of a project for my Instructional Design Principles class for my masters program in Information Learning Technologies at CU Denver.

We were tasked to create a training program as a solution to an organization’s needs. The organization, the Luhwahwa Youth Development Foundation (LUYODEFO), is a voluntary, non-governmental organization that provides support to marginalized communities across the Rwenzori region of western Uganda.

As stated in the document below, the organization is seeking volunteers to help promote the activities and mission of the organization by developing or increasing their social media presence as well as design and implement a program that will attract volunteers towards assisting their organization to grow and expand its reach.

The project was challenging and I’m happy with how my partner and I presented our solution design document, however, I’m already looking at making some improvements. Overall, it was a great learning experience.

The page layout, graphics, choice of font and colors, and overall look of the document is an example of my eye for visual design.

You can also look over the PowerPoint presentation used to present this project: link.


*Disclaimer: LUYODEFO did not formally receive this solution/presentation. The name of the foundation was used for instructional purposes only. This organization has no affiliation with me or my professor at CU Denver.

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