Is Virtual Reality a Good Idea?

Have you seen the trailer for the movie Ready Player One? If you haven't, watch it below. I bring this up because it got me thinking about the future of Virtual Reality and its benefits and implications for continuing to advance this technology. I decided to continue exploring this topic and begin creating a Pecha Kucha … Continue reading Is Virtual Reality a Good Idea?

How to Present your PowerPoint Online

Are you looking for other ways to present your PowerPoint presentation? If Skype is not a possibility, you can show your presentation if you have a Microsoft account. You will be provided with a link to share with the people you invite. Need a Microsoft account? Click here.  Step 1 Office 365 version: Start by … Continue reading How to Present your PowerPoint Online

Storyboard / Action Mapping

Thought I'd share a rough storyboard/action mapping process. I normally use a single piece of paper to draw my storyboard. This time I decided to use sticky notes because it makes it easy to replace parts of the process. #infographic #storyboarding