Reflection: Quests for Digital Storytelling and Learning

Writing has always been a skill I never been confident with especially when it comes to telling stories. I like to challenge myself often and do the things that I am unfamiliar with or uncomfortable doing. In high school, I auditioned to be in a men's choir and a few theatre productions to conquer my … Continue reading Reflection: Quests for Digital Storytelling and Learning

Visual Thinking and UX Design

Research inquiry on visual thinking and UX design. Two instructional design frameworks that interest me.  Visual Thinking I first heard of visual thinking during my first semester in my Instructional Design masters program. This framework for delivering complex information using visual media helps organize thoughts and improve our ability to think and communicate. It is … Continue reading Visual Thinking and UX Design

How to Prevent Stifled Creativity

Are you stifling your creativity? Learn about 5 bad habits that stifle creativity and how to prevent them. 1. Creating and Evaluating at the Same Time Guilty! I am the type of person that is often observing and evaluating EVERYTHING. And when it comes to creating, generating new ideas, visualizing, looking ahead, and considering the … Continue reading How to Prevent Stifled Creativity

Hand-drawn Infographics

I recently watched the following TED talk about using pictures like hand drawings to convey complex information which makes it easier for our brains to grasp. There was something that the speaker, Ole Qvist-Sørensen, mentioned that really inspired me to implement drawings when communicating at work or delivering training. He mentioned three main points about … Continue reading Hand-drawn Infographics

Storyboard / Action Mapping

Thought I'd share a rough storyboard/action mapping process. I normally use a single piece of paper to draw my storyboard. This time I decided to use sticky notes because it makes it easy to replace parts of the process. #infographic #storyboarding