Hand-drawn Infographics

I recently watched the following TED talk about using pictures like hand drawings to convey complex information which makes it easier for our brains to grasp. There was something that the speaker, Ole Qvist-Sørensen, mentioned that really inspired me to implement drawings when communicating at work or delivering training. He mentioned three main points about … Continue reading Hand-drawn Infographics

What Motivates Adult Learners?

  What motivates different people, and how can we match up the appropriate motivators for folks at different stages? I recently began asking myself the same question so I decided to test out a few things when delivering training to our call center staff. I work for a health care call center which if you're … Continue reading What Motivates Adult Learners?

Improve Your Life By Making Your Bed

  Making your bed every morning: Instills discipline Allows you to accomplish something at the beginning of every day - Momentum is critical to a great day. Can spark joy in your life - When you come home from a long day and see a tidy bed, how does it make you feel? Now imagine coming … Continue reading Improve Your Life By Making Your Bed

Measuring Progress in a Contact Center with Ongoing Training

Contact center training is never over. Many contact centers make the mistake of disregarding ongoing training after new-hire orientation and initial training is complete. The goal of any contact center's ongoing training program is to provide training for the skills necessary to perform the job and continually improve agent performance. Measuring Progress Through Milestones In … Continue reading Measuring Progress in a Contact Center with Ongoing Training