Academic Portfolio

The following competencies are demonstrated in the work I produced while accomplishing the requirements for the Master’s of Information and Learning Technologies (ILT) program at the University of Colorado at Denver. See examples of the work performed within each of these competencies under the Projects link.

  1. Reflective practice. Adopt a critical stance toward your work, promoting effective practice and responsible use of technology.
  2. Technology. Become competent and confident in the use of various tools and technologies, related to learning, communication, and making things.
  3. Learning and instruction. Drawing on learning and instructional theory, create instruction with well-aligned outcomes, activities, and assessments.
  4. Creative and social media. Demonstrate proficiency with tools, platforms, and environments in the creation of media resources for learning and knowledge construction.
  5. Inquiry and Change. Engage in systematic processes of inquiry and change.
  6. Professional learning and leadership. Demonstrate a commitment to lifelong learning and leadership within the profession.

View my ILT Competencies & Project Match-Up page. Below, I have included some of the work completed in the ILT program:

INTE 5100 Planning and Designing for Instruction (Fall 2017)

INTE 5200 Crafting eLearning Experience (Summer 2018)

INTE 5340 Learning with Digital Stories (Spring 2019)

INTE 5660 Developing Self-Paced Online Courseware (Fall 2018)

INTE 5665 Social Media and Digital Cultures (Fall 2017)

INTE 5670 Planning & Facilitating Live Events. (Spring 2019)

INTE 5680 Producing Media for Learning (Summer 2018)

INTE 6710 Creative Designs for Instructional Materials (Spring 2018)

INTE 6720 Research in Learning Design and Technology (Fall 2018)

INTE 6750 E-Learning Trends and Issues (Spring 2018)