Reflection: Quests for Digital Storytelling and Learning

Writing has always been a skill I never been confident with especially when it comes to telling stories. I like to challenge myself often and do the things that I am unfamiliar with or uncomfortable doing. In high school, I auditioned to be in a men’s choir and a few theatre productions to conquer my fear of public speaking. I did this because I wanted to be better – not for someone else, but myself. Now I am doing the same with writing and trying to be more consistent with my blog posts.

One of the tasks this week for my Digital Storytelling class was reflecting about John Seely Brown’s questing disposition for motivating learners and apply it to my learning in this course. There was something in the below video that really inspired me, Brown mentions that we are seeing more people today used to embracing change. We are sent on quests of exploration which makes us self motivated. Video games, doesn’t matter if it’s in a console, pad, or smartphone, take us on journeys or challenges. We fail but immediately pick ourselves back up and continue on our quest.

Having permission to explore is so important to me when it comes to learning. I know that if I am given the time and permission to explore what interests me, or is relevant to my life, I will be motivated to learn. Videos, graphics, and visual exploration gets my attention.

I hope to do more hands-on-making projects instead of theory and depth in this course. I would like to explore storytelling and improve this particular skill when creating e-learning experiences for learners. My goal is to create edge-of-your-seat learning experiences for people and get people to smile by the time they complete the course.

I want to enjoy learning and I think everyone else should too.

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