Attention Economy

If you have not heard of Attention Economy take a look at the following video.

This is a topic currently being discussed in my Digital Storytelling class for my graduate degree in Information Learning Technology and, to be quite honest, part of me is pulling me towards looking at this from a different perspective. Instead of trying to find a solution to this problem why not find a compromise and/or way to adapt to this changing environment?

I don’t quite know where I stand. I do agree that there are so many things demanding our attention. Just as I was reading this article “Finding It Hard to Focus? Maybe It’s Not Your Fault. (2019).” I received 3 or 4 notifications from people liking and commenting on my social media posts. Part of me, self-proclaiming myself as a “highly observant” person, noticed these notifications but chose to continue with the article; however, I realized that the best way for me to focus on reading the article was to read it out loud.

So, the question I want to ponder and am curious to hear your thoughts on is: how do we combat this “issue”, or for those of you thinking the way I do, how do we adapt to this inevitable change in our culture? 

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