A Story-Circle Reflection: This is where I am at.

I am really happy with the courses I chose for my last semester as a graduate student. I have already learned great life lessons from my Learning with Digital Stories class and wanted to share a bit about the growth I have experienced so far. So far, this course has focused on stories that follow a circular pattern. The Hero’s Journey, a modern version of the Story Circle, follows a pattern of 8 steps:

  1. You (the character)
  2. Need (wants or needs)
  3. Go (they enter an unfamiliar situation)
  4. Search (adapts to the situation)
  5. Find (get what they wanted)
  6. Take (pays a price for getting what they wanted)
  7. Return (go back to where they started)
  8. Change (capable of change now)

Learning about Story-Circles and Learning-Archetypes have made me think about the many different journeys a simple New Year’s resolution created for me. My 2018 New Year’s resolution pushed me out of the routines I had created and opened myself to new experiences. I am continuing that resolution into 2019 and giving myself the permission to try something that I would typically avoid. This new mindset changed 2018 for me and led me to new friendships, places, activities, and a deeper connection with my partner of 10 years. Now I plan to continue on this path and see what 2019 has to teach me.

I am about to receive a Masters degree but I know there is so much more to learn in this course. If this course were a story-circle I would be past the searching phase of my journey and just started finding what I hope to learn from this course. I also realized I will need to be more involved throughout the week, especially now as we move into week four.

As a seeker (learning-archetype) I plan to dig deeper into things to find more information about concepts. Quite honestly, I will probably end up relying on YouTube. One of my goals this year is to blog more about my learning experiences because I know that sharing my findings about what I am learning will help me retain information and grow as a professional in E-Learning design and implementation.

So, although this year has just begun I am already reflecting on the decisions I have made that have led me to this point in my journey. I think it’s important to take time to remind ourselves that our choices affect our path towards achieving our goals.

What have you learned this year so far? Where in the Hero’s Journey do you see yourself?

The Story Circle (Dan Harmon)

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